Thursday, March 14, 2019

The evolution that is underway will serve to give a facelift to our cities, starting with individual neighbourhoods – re-thinking them, thanks to new technology, as inter-linked places, regenerating them through sustainable construction processes, therefore representing cost and time savings and offering quality results, providing buildings that are solid from a seismic point of view and that offer reduced maintenance and energy consumption costs.

This is a challenge for the sector that REbuild has been pushing towards for years. It is a challenge that requires a transformation for the building industry as well as for raising the productivity curve. It is a change that requires a paradigm shift and has the digitisation of processes as its axis, to facilitate and make both the process infrastructure more efficient (BIM, IoT) and also the communication and operational coordination between the various players, i.e. digital workflow.

Such a change must also be sustainable, and, therefore, low carbon. If we are to respect the Paris agreement, here in Italy we need to reduce emissions on all constructions by 90% in just 30 years. The political world is looking at this matter with renewed interest and has a strong requirement to lay its hands on the suburbs in order to recover not only the residential dimension, but also the social one.

Likewise, there is growing interest from the real estate world that needs to respond to the changing demands of the market, which is shifting towards rented accommodation with sustainable values.  The “build-to-rent” real estate formula, borrowed from an extensive international experience, is currently providing a great opportunity. Not only is it an opportunity for property investors, but also for construction. A new demand is on its way, attentive to both construction costs and typical building quality parameters for the entire life cycle of the real estate product, i.e. energy performance, durability, maintenance costs, space flexibility and architectural quality.These aspects will change the dialogue between the worlds of construction and real estate, and off-site construction will discover a significant new collocation.

Starting from this premise, the new edition of REbuild’s Call for Speakers will aim to see the emergence of the evolution currently taking place, looking for cases and experiences that bring together the processes of the transformation of the physical environment with the emerging information and digital technologies.

To apply to the Call for Speakers, the deadline is April 21st:



Join us and become part of the future of the Italian construction industry.

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