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The most innovative community in the construction sector is born, bringing together the most innovative players in the industry. The future of the construction industry lies in redevelopment and a change of paradigms and tools, which are indispensable conditions for restarting the sector.


Redevelopment is the future of the construction and real estate sector. There is a growing awareness that the redevelopment of existing buildings should be approached in an integrated way. The community is confronted with three themes: the Market and Policies; the Real Estate product; and the Techniques.


Reinventing construction to highlight how the entire supply chain must readjust and realign itself to the new management and redevelopment models, as well as implement these models and replicate them on a larger scale. Deep retrofit is a viable option with high scalability potential.


Energiesprong is presented: an extraordinarily innovative and effective approach to retrofit, developed in the Netherlands, focusing the improvements on the exterior of the building in order to achieve better energy efficiency, acoustic performance and seismic resistance. It is now up to Italy to put more emphasis on the aesthetic element and adopt this approach to upgrade the country's ageing real estate. Launch of the #1CASAALMINUTO (#1HOUSEPERMINUTE) challenge.


Focus on the opportunities to increase productivity in the sector through a new industrialisation process and new business models for the construction market; a market reshaped on the ability to create value and demand through new social and participatory processes.


The anti-crisis solution for the construction sector lies in moving the work that takes place on site to the factory. The challenge here is to combine the variety of customised production, typical of advanced manufacturing, and the ability to adapt to the specific of each site and project.


All eyes are on innovation capable of bringing together environmental sustainability and business growth, circular economy and newfound profitability. The focus is on Modern Methods of Construction characterised by: industrialised production, essential to keep projects on time and on budget; digitalisation, which reduces waste to almost zero; decarbonisation, key to meeting the European Union's 2050 goals on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


REbuild moves to Milan to sow the many national and international best practices developed by its well-established community in the most fertile soil, in the city where innovation goes hand in hand with socially and environmentally aware development. And it comes with an event: (RE)Making Cities, which focuses on cities and suburbs, the most fragile part of cities.

2023 Integrate. Rethink. Transform.

A supply chain that learns how to integrate itself while integrating knowledge, expertise and experience. Cooperation as the key to open the door to productivity through system innovation. A challenge in which no one is excluded, inside and outside the construction industry: sharing is interprofessional.


OUR MAGAZINE Outlook: the voices of all the protagonists of REbuild.

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