Friday, June 7, 2019

We asked Alessandra Bellutti, Marketing and Technical Manager of Manni Green Tech, about the balance sheet at the end of the second year of activity.

Manni Green Tech already boasts important collaboration with international architectural practices, giving further emphasis to its construction technology.

Thanks to their planning capabilities, the creations of Manni Green Tech result in solutions that can be adapted to a wide and varied array of needs.

Can you give us an example?

One example comes from Luxembourg: on being asked to created a semi-detached home in steel that replicated the design of nordic houses, we put together, side by side, all the features of off-site construction with the principles of sustainability, such as speed on the building site and water-saving. And hence, the project “Domaine du Château” came about, constructed for Steel Home, a company in Luxembourg, with the support of the Umbrian company, “New Living,” which, starting out from traditional construction, has these days become specialised in buildings in lightweight steel. Around 530m2 of dwelling created in 6 months, thanks to planning quality, pre-assembly in the factory and the simplicity of the assembly of the components used.

April 2019 started out in the name of art for Manni Green Tech.

We took part in the “Milan Fuorisalone” with the bearing structure of the “Human Proportions” work by architect Massimo Iosa Ghini and built thanks to the Cold Formed Steel (CFS) of Manni Green Tech. The prestigious location in which the project was presented, the Court of Honour of the Milan State University, concealed certain logistical-constructive problems: as a renowned historical site in the Lombard capital, it was not permitted to anchor the installation to the existing pavement. Manni Green Tech’s technical office, however, managed to come up with a solution based on a self-supporting structure with a hot laminated steel frame and walls made of CFS, that did not need to be anchored to the ground. Despite being a sizeable structure in steel (6000kg of structural elements were pre-assembled in the factory), the installation was completed in just 2 working days. This was made possible thanks, above all, to the synergy between “CostruireLeggero” and their team of specialist assembly workers, who are working in the dry construction sector with excellent results in Italy.

Manni Green Tech and all the other companies in the Manni Group issued their financial results updated as of December 2018 on Friday 24th May, at the Group’s Annual Assembly. The latest Annual Report can be downloaded from this link:

Listen to the interview with Alessandra Bellutti.



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